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Quint Financial Group is a full-service financial planning and investment advisory firm.
We specialize in helping widows, those recently divorced, and people who are soon-to-be or have just retired.

These kinds of major changes in life are often so emotionally charged that it is difficult to figure out what needs to be done when, not to mention how.

That’s where Quint Financial Group comes in.

We offer compassionate guidance toward finding your new, comfortable life path.


Here to help you through this difficult time by providing financial counseling and advice.

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Separating from a spouse is never easy. Let us help you navigate your financial future.

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Thinking about retiring and need financial advice? We are experts in securing your financial future.

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Our objective is to provide comfort, caring, and compassion to those going through major life changes. Wherever the process leads, we join together with our clients in walking the path to their new life.

We offer compassionate guidance toward finding your new, comfortable life path.

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We specialize in helping those who find themselves in major life transitions deal with the emotional and social aspects of the changes they are going through.

Are you struggling with a divorce, or the after effects of one? Are you trying to determine if it is time and if you are actually ready to retire, or have you recently retired? Have you recently lost a spouse or significant other? Each of these life transitions has the potential to be disruptive, at best, devastating to most. I have been divorced, my mother was widowed at age 55 and my husband has been retired for four years. I have worked with many people dealing with these life changes and have found that most people just want to know that they are going to be okay.

Being okay, though, means something different to each of us. I have helped recent widows and those divorcing or just divorced to check their credit reports to make sure there are no surprises. I worked with a widowed client and her banker to set up a Small Business Administration loan to help her daughter build a dance studio and establish a very successful dance academy. For those contemplating retirement, the second most difficult piece of retirement is determining a realistic monthly spending amount. The first, of course, is figuring out what to do with your time when all your days are Saturday! I work with pre-retirees and those recently retired to figure out how much they really will spend in retirement, along with providing concrete ideas on how to stick with their spending plan.

We go beyond just financial matters.  We have specific training in the unique issues faced by people in transitions like yours and are more knowledgeable than many other professionals you may encounter.