Many people approach retirement with mixed emotions, but they are often reluctant to acknowledge it to people who are envious or who tell them how lucky they are.

It’s wonderful to finally reach retirement, but you have to leave a lot behind as well.

Quin Financial Group | Boise, IDIt is not unusual to approach retirement with mixed emotions, but you may find it difficult to explain that to people who may be envious or who tell you how lucky you are.

It’s a wonderful feeling to finally reach your goal of retirement, but you will be leaving a lot behind as well.

We want to understand what you will miss about your old life and what the experience is, or is going to be, like for you. Knowing these things helps us to guide you through the uncertainties of transitioning from something you will leave behind to actually building the new life that you have been dreaming about.

One of the most difficult things for new retirees to wrap their thoughts around is that you are no longer saving for retirement, you are now spending those dollars. Getting to know you allows us to know how we can help make your new financial reality more understandable and comfortable.